... maybe it was all a wonderful dream!

Well the site's back up. The server harddrive crashed, and my blog databases were on the part of the disk that was destroyed. The most recent backup is from 5/14, so about five weeks of priceless material is gone! I sincerely hope that civilization can withstand the loss. Cypren tells me that he's instituted a new, nightly backup system, so this shouldn't happen again. He also tells me that if it weren't for the hacking attempt last month there wouldn't even be a backup from May, and I'd've had to go back to April.

On one hand, I feel like I should be really disappointed to lose all that material, but on the other hand I don't really think the past month was one of my best. So it goes. The most frustrating part will come when I want to link back to something I know I wrote, but I can't find it. That will suck.

Actually, it looks like Google still has all the old entries cached. Does anyone know how long they'll be stored there for? I suppose I could spend a hundred hours recreating all the lost entries.... Well, at least if there's one I really want it's not completely gone, the ghost of Master of None is still lingering, like the memory of an amputated limb.

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