I've been thinking some more about Kim Sun-Il, Paul Johnson, and Nicholas Berg, and considering a question posed to Blackfive by one of his readers regarding the South Korean.

Emil J. asks me what should South Korea do?

Emil, South Korea should double the number of troops they are sending and include some ROK Marines. I've spent some time training with ROK Marines and they are tough and professional.

Sure, but first maybe they should have lied to the terrorists, promised them whatever they wanted, and then created an opportunity to meet them and kill them.

Why should we negotiate in good faith with this kind of scum? No honorable adversary would take it as precedent and fear our dishonesty. We need to fight dirtier. We need to stop worry about "bringing them to justice" and realize that hunting terrorists down and killing them is justice enough.

(HT: Hugh Hewitt.)

Sam at Hammorabi (an Iraqi blogger) agrees:

Now Mr Iyad Alawi and his government need to take certain action as urgent as possible. First the capital punishment should not only be to the terrorist but to those who assists them by any way at all and sever punishment for those who keeps silent about their places or activities. The other thing is to execute them in public. Those who kill should face the same destiny by the same method. The other important thing is to impose a curfew on all areas where terrorist hide and attack. There are special areas like Falluja and Baquoba should have Military rulers and military curfew with strict sanctions and no reconstructions or ordinary services until they clear themselves from the sin of the terrorist. More strict action from the coalition needed now to isolate Falluja before the 30/6/2004. It needs complete blockade now and attacks for the terrorist sites. Zarqawi days counted and he know that soon
(HT: Citizen Smash.)



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