Open up that Golden Gate!

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to San Francisco for my brother Nick's graduation from Stanford.

First off, here's a picture of my brother (on the right) and his roommate Bernardo (on the left) dressed for the graduation Wacky Walk. In the center is our friend Briana, who went to San Francisco for the graduation as well. Not shown: me dressed normally.

Here's a picture of all the undergrads Wacky-Walking into the stadium. Near the center of the image you can see Nick holding the long green string of kelp that's rising into the air, held aloft by the fish balloons shown in the earlier picture. Not shown: the other side of the field where several graduates were playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Here is a picture of the speech by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. You can pick her out on stage if you look closely. Not shown: the long string of red balloons was originally an "S", presumably for "Stanford", but possibly for "Sandra".

Here's Nick (in the lei) receiving his actual diploma at the smaller department ceremony later in the day. Not shown: Nick receiving his actual actual diploma; the case is just a decoy.

This is the legendary (?) Hoover Institution, located on Stanford's campus. Not shown: the leftist Stanford students' latent bitterness over the presence of this conservative think-tank.

That's me standing by one of the Burghers of Calais, one of my favorite sculptures by Rodin. The guy behind me is upset because I didn't want my picture taken with him. Not shown: these Burghers are around 8 feet tall, and I'm not a dwarf.

Here is the inside of the Exploratorium, one of the coolest science museums I've ever been too. Not shown: kids getting horribly injured on all the dangerous exhibits.

This is the high-voltage circuit workbench, where kids learn how flashlights work. Not shown: me playing with each and every one, even though I already know how circuits work.

This is an argon candle, and you have to play with the mixture of gasses inside the vacuum chamber in order to get it to light up properly. Not shown: me gloating over all the little kids who can't figure out how to make it work.

This is the outside of the Exploratorium; the columns and dome were originally built for some fair and never torn down. Not shown: uh, nothing.

We went on the mandatory harbor cruise. Here's the mandatory picture of Alcatraz. Not shown: passengers getting soaked by pesky ocean water.

They built the bridge over an existing fort, rather than tear the fort down. Pretty cool. Not shown: me re-enacting the part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride where the fort shoots at your boat and you almost sink.

I'm pretty proud of this picture of the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge; I doubt anyone has ever taken one like it before. Not shown: around 400 windsurfers trying to get run-over by our boat.

There are painted hearts like this all over downtown. Kinda cheesy, yet cool at the same time. Not shown: the four hours of traffic we had to wade through to get here from the nearest freeway.

We stopped in some art galleries downtown, and my favorite was this Dr. Seuss Exhibit. Not shown: excellent Dr. Seuss WW2 war art.

And finally, what you've all been waiting for, a picture of me. Now shown: me getting rated a 9/10 on Am I Hot Or Not?. Unbelievable, but true.

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