I'm no "animal lover", although I certainly like animals... for eating! Haha, anyway, Governor Arnold is proposing to save money by allowing animal shelters to kill strays sooner than they can now. Current law requires shelters to keep an animal for at least six days, and the new law would ease that to three days.

Schwarzenegger has told the state Legislature that the changes could save local governments that operate shelters up to $14 million. ...

The waiting period has caused overcrowding and forced some shelters to kill off animals simply to make room for new ones, said H.D. Palmer, a spokesman for the state Department of Finance.

"Because of space limitations, the shelters are being forced to euthanize animals who are otherwise highly adoptable immediately after the holding time," Palmer said.

And that's the key. The new law doesn't require animals to be killed after three days, it just allows the ones who won't be adopted to be killed. Many of these unadoptable animals are probably old, and have diseases or injuries.
"There is no organized constituency of cats and dogs, but certainly the pet owners of America will find this reprehensible," said Barbara O'Connor, director of the Institute for the Study of Politics and Media at California State University, Sacramento.

"Cats and dogs are like mom and apple pie," she said. "Don't mess with the pets. Most people prefer them to other people."

Uh, what? Only crazy people prefer their pets to other humans. Pets are property. I like my car and my house, and some people like their dogs and cats. Fine. Rationally, they're the same exact thing.

What do these supposed "most people" want to happen? Do they want to maintain the status quo, where adoptable animals are killed to make room for others? Or would they prefer animal shelter budgets to be expanded by billions of dollars, and for all these stray animals to be raised by the government? Or what? I just don't see how this poposed change is worse than what we've got now, from any perspective. These same "most people" would probably object to feeding the disposed-of animals to the homeless!

Then again, I don't condone throwing kittens out of moving vehicles. (HT: Dean Esmay.)



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