I had a party at my house last night for a friend-of-a-friend's birthday (a surprise thing) and I met this girl. She was cute, and when we started talking I discovered that she's pretty smart and fairly interseting, as well.

There were only two problems. First, we talked for about 20 minutes, and I asked her a bunch of questions and listened to her go on and on about herself and her life, but she never asked me anything about myself. That's a real turn-off. I like talking to people, and I enjoy listening to their life stories and that sort of thing, but it's polite to at least pretend to be interested in my life, too.

The second problem was that all the guys who knew her who were at the party were all over her, and she didn't seem to care. I found out later that one of them was actually her boyfriend, but who could tell from observation? A half-dozen guys were hanging on her and following her around, which is super not-cool. After we talked and I wandered off, I saw her glancing at me from time to time during the rest of the night, but there'd always be some (different) guy standing right up next to her. Sorry babe, not my style.

So here's my analysis. She probably is a really cool person, but she's addicted to the attention she gets and thinks that's how all guys should relate to her. When I found out near the end of the night that she had a boyfriend, my only thought was that if I were he, I'd be pissed at how she had been acting with everyone else. He probably felt lucky to be the one to chauffeur her around.

I know a lot of pretty girls who would be totally awesome, but are difficult to tolerate solely because of how their beauty affects their relational mindset.



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