Bill Hobbs points to some recent developments in the tiny, oil-rich African nation of Sao Tome.

It's important that -- although the focus of our attention must be on terrorist nations and the Middle East -- American should not lose sight of the rest of the world. I'm glad to see that our military is working with Sao Tome to protect their oil reserves, and I'd like to see America get more engaged in South America, too.

As Mr. Hobbs writes:

One of the more interesting and important - and, therefore, less covered by the American media - developments in American foreign policy is the United States' increasingly close relationship with the tiny island nation of Sao Tome & Principe, off the west coast of Africa, south of Nigeria and west of Gabon. Sao Tome is small, pro-American, and is predominantly Christian, unlike Nigeria, which is 50 percent Muslim is increasingly wracked by extremist Muslim violence against Christians.

Oh, and Sao Tome sits atop a whole lot of undeveloped oil.

Perhaps our enemies won't notice these fringe developments, and we should take advantage of whatever distraction the War on Terror affords us to flank our adversaries diplomatically.



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