SDB has written about the current state of the world as a three-way war (my take), and Francis Porretto has upped the ante with two more sides! Mr. Porretto identifies the sides by their material goals rather than their philosophies, and to that end I think he is right in calling out Red China and the "Pacific Enterprise Bloc" as significant players, in addition to SDB's Empiricists, Idealists, and Islamists.

In a sense, both China and the PEB are Empiricists who just don't have the same goals as the Anglosphere (SDB's main Empiricist group).

Mr. Porretto also briefly mentions the various "Hispanic states" (presumably most of South America, and the like; is that the right term for the group?) as "uninterested in the war, incapable of taking a hand in it, or both", and perhaps Africa falls into the same category. Still, South America strikes me as far less backward and troubled than Africa, and I'd say they're closer to the PEB in their desires (to make money and to be left alone).

I think it would be very advantageous for the Anglosphere to court these Hispanic states through freer trade and cultural exchange. We spend a lot of time and money on our enemies, but these mostly-neutral states could be developed into strong allies over the next few decades if we play our cards right. We need a more workable approach to the War on Drugs, and we need open trade from Canada to Argentina.



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