Not even yourself.

Authorities in the state of Washington say an Oklahoma man may have infected up to 170 people with HIV.

Anthony Whitfield is charged with 12 counts of sexual assault in addition to charges of witness tampering and violating no-contact orders. He pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. ...

A woman who had a relationship with Whitfield when he lived in Washington said he often talked his way into the lives of women who would give him sex, money and affection.

"There was just something about him ... that he had the ability to make you feel that you were really special and beautiful, and you were the only woman in the world to him," she said.

There are a ton of reasons why it's wise to be celibate outside the bounds of marriage, and this story illustrates two: there are plenty of people out there who will intentionally try to hurt you, and you can't tell who they are.



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