Another revealing position, via Charles Coleson (Brad's favorite author):

"I think abortion is killing a life. [But] the person who is pregnant should decide whether to do it or not." ...

Ms. Flores’s attitude is deeply troubling, especially when you realize how widespread it is. Over and over again, people at the march made similar comments—the kind of comments that make your hair stand on end. The political debate is changing among activists on the ground. They’re now willing to admit that abortion is killing. But they’re arguing that their right to do what they want, without restraint, justifies that killing.

What we are seeing, of course, is the logical consequences of the desire for personal autonomy in an era of moral relativism. People can say with a perfectly straight face and without a twinge of conscience, "Yeah, it is wrong. It is murder. But nobody is going to tell me I can’t do it."

As Donald Sensing notes: chilling.

As I've said many times before, as science and technology advance it will become impossible to deny that abortion ends a human life. For pro-abortionists, however, the power to abort is axiomatic; if the facts don't end up supporting their position then, the facts must be changed.



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