StrategyPage reports (April 8th, 2004) that German diplomats are coming to America to convince Congress not to close our military bases in Germany. Good luck. We have long memories: watch what happens when you screw us over.

We should cut the size of our European forces down considerably, and as SP notes we can move our bases east (probably to the Czech Republic). Europe isn't likely to break out into open war again soon (*crosses fingers*), and our troops don't need to sit there twiddling their thumbs. In fact, we don't need so many soldiers stationed outside the United States at all anymore -- all we need are weapons caches scattered around the globe. We can fly troops in on a moment's notice (much more easily than we could circa WW2, when many of these bases were established), and it's cheaper to keep them at home as much as possible. The troops are happier, and training is much easier.

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