I have to face my fears.

If you're itching for more zombie-goodness, check out Jared Wilson's thorough analysis of various "classic" undead movies, including the most-recent Dawn of the Dead. I've gotta say though, if he didn't enjoy Evil Dead II something must've already sucked out his brain.

Personally, I like vampire movies more than zombie movies (and vampire books!). Monster Squad was brilliant, and the upcoming near-remake, Van Helsing looks promising, despite how much it will inevitably mangle Bram Stoker's original character -- even changing his first name from Abraham (too Jewish?) to Gabriel. I say "near-remake" because Van Helsing promises to fight the same three baddies the Squad defeated in 1987: Dracula, the Wolf-man, and Frankenstein's monster.

Is that it? Are those the only monsters that resonate with modern audiences? Vampires are cool, but even I have to admit they're pretty much played-out. And Wolf-man and Frankenstein? C'mon. I guess that's why we're being overrun with zombie movies this year. What monsters do you think deserve their own movies? What monsters scare you?

As for me, I'm scared of creepy little girls, a la The Shining. (I'm sure Candace will think this means something.) This Dawn of the Dead poster is what pushed me to see the recent release, but I don't think they're displaying it here in America.



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