BFL buddy Patterico relates some detailed first-hand knowledge of exactly what kind of creeps will be immediately released if the so-called "Three Strikes and Child Protection Act of 2004" gets passed. The examples are very disturbing, but the criminals and crimes are very real.

Our first candidate for release is a notorious pedophile named Joseph Noble, who targeted young girls aged 5 to 7 in the South Bay area. He is currently serving 25-to-life for exposing his genitals about 30 times to multiple female County Jail employees. There is no doubt that, if released, this man will commit sex crimes against more young girls. ...

For example, one victim was 7 years old when Noble lured her away from some swings, to "show her some kittens." Instead, he tried to force her to orally copulate him at the Redondo Beach schoolyard. He choked her until she lost consciousness. Noble wasn't caught, but a month later, at another elementary school, he was arrested for masturbating in front of a group of young girls as he made lewd comments to them.

As described in stories from the Copley News Service and Daily Breeze news organizations, Noble had a 26-year criminal history, with prior convictions for kidnapping, child molestation, and indecent exposure. Noble never spent more than a year out of custody since he was 20 years old. However, in those brief periods of freedom, he was a sexual predator who committed multiple sexual offenses against young girls.

[Snip several more crimes, each worse than the one before.]

At his trial for indecent exposure, Noble admitted that he still has violent sexual fantasies about children. He said, "on a magnitude of evil, (masturbating) is nothing compared to what I'm capable of." The judge who sentenced him, Judith Champagne, agreed, saying:

The defendant's background is the most disturbing part of this formula . . . He has all but promised he is going to re-offend.
Judge Champagne added that the Three Strikes Law ''is a sentencing scheme that was designed for someone like Mr. Noble.''
If Noble is resentenced, he will be immediately released on his indecent exposure case. Although prosecutors hope that he can be kept in custody under the Sexually Violent Predator Law, this will require a new trial every couple of years. Even if this strategy works, Noble will eventually be transferred from state prison to a state mental hospital. And don't forget: in 1978, he escaped from a state mental hospital and committed a violent sex crime.
The point is to put these people away forever, not give them chance after chance to "reform".



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