So the lady who bashed her three kids' heads in with a rock was acquitted by reason of insanity, and I don't doubt she was/is legally insane. Fine.

But I'm not exactly clear on the reason we don't execute insane people who kill. Why try to "cure" them, even assuming that's possible? Most of the time dangerous psychotics aren't treatable and will never be able to be released from custody anyway, so why waste the time and money trying? Because they aren't "responsible" for their actions? Then who is? Are insane people akin to amoral "forces of nature" that have to be tolerated and contained?

Don't get me wrong -- I think treating the mentally ill and keeping them away from society is an important, and neglected, function of government. Once someone kills with no justification, however, their life should be forfeit and it seems right and logical to execute them.



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