Vietnamese emigres in Orange County, California, have a great idea: no-communist zones.

In a gesture that says a lot about the uncompromising anger that many Vietnamese emigres feel toward the regime they fled, leaders want to declare a no-Communist zone.

Officials in Garden Grove and Westminster, two cities that share the sprawling district that is the hub of the world's largest Vietnamese population outside Vietnam, plan to propose today identical city measures that would effectively prohibit visits by trade or government representatives from Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital.

How uncompromising! It's been almost 30 years since the communists starved and murdered your families, just let it go!
Proponents of the proposed city measures initially planned to take an even harder line by denying police protection to visiting delegations of communist governments. Such a ban, however, posed potential legal problems, and proponents of the measure redrafted the document with an eye to locking the city gates in a way that would not violate the Constitution or run afoul of state laws.
Oh well.

Two other noteworthy observations. First, the headline of the story is really stupid: "Welcome to Our Cities, Unless You're Communist". Long, awkward, and unpithy. Second, the URL of the story on the website is ",1,3274871.story?coll=la-headlines-frontpage".



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