Is it just me, or does it seem wrong that millions of Americans pay no income taxes?

Everyone paid taxes on April 15, right? Wrong. Tens of millions of Americans will pay no federal taxes this year.

Americans will file about 132 million tax returns this year and all will pay less in federal taxes due to three Bush tax cuts. But 44 million people will pay no federal taxes at all — that's the highest number in U.S. history and it translates to 33 percent of all tax filers.
Obviously some people are poor and can't pay much in taxes, but I don't like the idea that anyone pays zero. What incentive is there for them to control government spending and encourage fiscal responsibility? Why should someone who pays no taxes hesitate to raise my taxes and then spend the money on himself?

No reason, that's why.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention: that number doesn't even include poor people.

In addition to these 44 million zero-tax filers there are another 14 million whose incomes are so low, $20,000 or less, they are off the tax roles entirely. Add to that the dependents, children, family members and those who aren't taxed at all — it equals 122 million Americans who live completely outside the federal tax system.
Upon discovering this information, those who are fond of crying "chickenhawk" will no doubt immediately call for these non-taxpayers to be disenfranchised.

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