So I heard Maxim Magazine came out with its "Hot 100" women of 2004, and I figured this would be a good opportunity to grab some hits from Google by dropping a bunch of names. I can't seem to find the actual list on Maxim's site, but here's an alternate that doesn't appear to have any pop-ups or indecent images.

Just to prove how disconnected I am from pop culture, I don't even recognize the names of half the women on this list. Still, even with my limited awareness, there are a bunch of choices that strike me as rather poor. It shouldn't be very difficult to find 100 beautiful women, but it's pretty clear that some of these were selected based on other criteria. Talent, fame, wealth, exposure... any of these could be the foundation for a top 100 list of its own, but if you're going for "hot" then don't get sidetracked by these other considerations.

Anyway, here's my take (at least on the ones I have strong opinions about ("strong" being a relative term)).

3. Christina Aguilera -- looks like an alien
10. Halle Berry
15. Janet Jackson -- crazy
27. Nicole Richie
32. Mariah Carey -- also crazy
38. Liv Tyler
40. Shania Twain
67. Christina Applegate -- used to have a crush on her... back in the late 80s.
71. Posh Spice, a.k.a. Victoria Beckham

9. Jessica Alba -- super hot
18. Keira Knightley
19. Kirsten Dunst
21. Elisha Cuthbert -- gorgeous, and her name reminds me Cuthbert from The Dark Tower
31. Jessica Biel
73. Mandy Moore
79. Zooey Deschanel -- super-cute in Elf, and also has a great name

How about these ladies, who weren't even mentioned:
Eliza Dushku
Amy Smart
Claire Danes -- well, maybe not, but she was great in My So-Called Life
Who else?



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