Look people: there's no way anyone is going to ever hijack a plane with a knife again. After 9/11 people are too smart for that. Although it seems obvious to me that we should relax some of the carry-on restrictions (nail files? plastic forks?), only an idiot would try to carry 32 razor blades onto a plane and then claim he was trying to test security.

A man who arrived at the Dallas airport on a flight from Europe with 32 razor blades in his carry-on luggage has been sentenced to more than five years in prison.

Prosecutors said Fazal Karim (search), a Canadian citizen originally from Pakistan, was testing airport security for potential terrorist aims when he carried the double-edged blades into the airport.
The sentence is, in my opinion, quite excessive -- but Mr. Karim is a moron. I think he would have probably gotten off with a severe warning and a hand-slap if he'd just played it as an accident and insisted he had meant to put the razors in his checked luggage. (Assuming the razors were in a package of some sort and not mounted as weapons or what-have-you.)



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