Some people object to allowing law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns because they think it makes the world a more dangerous place. There's a lot of evidence that the opposite is true, and that concealed carry laws make the world both safer (for law-abiding citizens) and more dangerous (for criminals), but let's just say the naysayers are right. If more adults carry guns, there's a greater chance your child will be hit by a stray bullet during the course of her daily activities. Fine.

Rather than go into a bunch of statistics to try and demonstrate that easy concealed-carry laws increase overall safety, let me just say it doesn't matter. A person's right to carry a weapon for self-defense doesn't depend on whether or not it makes you or your kids safer.

Similarly, I have a right to drive past your house in my car, subject to certain restrictions on speed and other traffic laws. If your kids play in the front yard, driving past them poses a risk to their safety because their ball could roll into the street at any time. No matter how carefully I drive there's a possibility that they'll get run over.

Some say, "yes, but cars fulfill a useful purpose", but what could be more useful than protecting yourself or your family from a predator?



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