Although I'm sure I'm late to the party, I'd like to point out that the language used by Florida Democrats in their recent ad explicitly calls for Donald Rumsfeld to be killed

Campaign 2004 turns extreme in Florida with the placement of a newspaper ad calling for physical retribution against Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld!

"We should put this S.O.B. up against a wall and say 'This is one of our bad days,' and pull the trigger," the ad reads.

The club that placed the ad is apparently backtracking, or something.
Club Vice President Edna McCall told the DRUDGE REPORT Tuesday morning: "We want to get our country back. In Iraq, we're in deep trouble. If we don't try to get this situation cleared up, we are finished."

When asked if the ad was a challenge to inflict violence on Rumsfeld, McCall explained: "'Pull the trigger' means let Rumsfeld know where we stand, not to shoot him!"

But, of course, when you call for someone to be put "up against a wall" you're invoking firing-squad imagery, and in that context it's not clear how "pull[ing] the trigger" could be taken any other way.

The ad even offers an excuse for the violence, should it happen to shock anyone's conscience: "This is one of our bad days." You don't need to make excuses for telling Donald Rumsfeld where you stand, but you do need a good reason to actually kill him.



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