Check out the effect out-of-control malpractice costs and trial lawyers are having on neurosurgeons.

Jim Masterson said his wife was left untreated for five hours and eventually died while doctors searched for an out-of-county physician who'd operate. Not a single local neurosurgeon would come in, Masterson said.

"If you have a stroke in this part of the country then you're in deep trouble because the doctors won't see you," Masterson said.

Some neurosurgeons (search) aren't disputing his claim, saying they can't afford malpractice insurance and are afraid of being wiped out by lawsuits, so they reduce their risks by refusing emergency patients.

The trial lawyers must see the big bucks slipping through their fingers, because they've got another theory.
But some trial lawyers say there is no malpractice crisis and that patients are dying because doctors are playing the blame game instead of doing their job.

"I think its criminal," said trial attorney Marvin Kurzban. "I think its dereliction of duty. I think that's malpractice also."

Ah, right. Doctors go to school for decades and take out loans to pay for it because they don't want to perform surgery. It's malpractice if they screw up, and now the lawyers want it to be malpractice if they refuse to operate for fear of a lawsuit. Gee, do you think Mr. Kurzban has any ulterior motive other than the public health? Nah.



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