Behind the curve as usual, I just read about a somewhat credible terrorist threat against an unspecified West Los Angeles mall -- supposedly near the Federal Building. The Federal Building is very close to UCLA, but there aren't any malls in the immediate vicinity.

As the article notes, the Westside Pavilion is probably the closest, and Santa Monica Place isn't too far away either. Also nearby are the open-air Century City Mall and the Third Street Promenade (which is near Santa Monica Place).

It's strange that terrorists would pick Thursday for an attack, since that's one of the slowest retail days in the week. Nevertheless, I'm going to continue my policy of visiting malls as infrequently as possible.

What's most interesting is that malls apparently get bomb threats "all the time".

Gene Thompson, vice president of corporate security for Macerich Co., which owns Westside Pavilion and Santa Monica Place, said the malls will stay open Thursday with existing security plans in place.

"This just happens all the time. We take these things very seriously. This is no different than any anonymous bomb threat that gets called in all the time," Thompson told the Los Angeles Times.

I guess most of them are bluffs!



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