Asute readers will glance to the right and notice that I've signed up for Blogads. Keen!

In the grand 'sphere tradition I'm offering not one, but two free ads to my loyal readers, one to each of the first two people who email me with "[free blogad!]" in the subject. Don't forget the exclamation point, because I'm only interested in people who are seriously excited about getting a free ad.

I estimate your ad will be good for around 100,000 hits in the first hour, so what are you waiting for?

My fellow Bear Flaggers Patterico and the BoifromTroy were the first to respond, so they get the free ads for two weeks. As for the rest of you, the rates are still very reasonable, and likely to give a good return for a nominal investment.

Hopefully these two guinea pigs will see some positive results and write a couple of nice testimonials for me....



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