I really appreciate all the people who are visiting my site each day. I write this stuff because I love doing it, but hearing stories about friends' mothers who come across the site and spend hours reading through the archives make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

To tell the truth, this site is pretty cheap to maintain. I've started accepting Blogads to offset the hosting costs a little, but mainly it's an experiment. The site reaches over 1,000 people each day (nearly 2,000 page views) and I wonder: so what?

So, this. I've put up two free ads do far, and I'm curious to see if anyone clicks through -- go ahead, the sites are both totally worth it. The ad rates are really reasonable ($10 for one week, $15 for two weeks, $25 for one month) and I'm eager to find out from some real advertisers how effective the ads are. My readers are from pretty desirable demographics!

Further, I need a little graphic for my site; something small and simple. Unfortunately, I have almost no artistic ability. If you click the link above you'll see my meager effort. I'll be happy to give free ad space to anyone who can design me a nice, neat little graphic (perhaps in the style of Invader Zim?).



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