Teresa Heinz Kerry has a revealing position on abortion.

Teresa Heinz Kerry says she's pro-choice but believes abortion is "stopping the process of life," it was reported yesterday.

"I don't view abortion as just a nothing," said Heinz Kerry in an interview with Newsweek, in which she took a side in the long-festering debate over when life begins.

So people should have the power to stop another's life at will?
Heinz Kerry once said that she was "not 100% pro-choice," but told the magazine that now the issue is black and white for her.

"I ask myself if I had a 13-year-old daughter who got drunk one night and got pregnant, what would I do. Christ, I'd go nuts," Heinz Kerry said.

Well first of all, if your 13-year-old daughter is getting drunk and having sex, you are severely neglecting your parental responsibilities. Secondly, this is a perfect example of an abortion of convenience. With modern medical technology it's generally safe for a girl even as young as 13 to deliver a baby. Absent complications (which would be more common for such a young mother), there's no concrete reason that the child couldn't be carried to term and born.

So basically Mrs. Kerry thinks it's ok to kill babies if they're likely to be too disruptive to your lifestyle.

Further down, John Kerry has a strange quote himself.

Kerry appeared at an abortion rights rally in Washington Friday, saying, "Abortion should be rare but it should be safe and legal. And the government should stay out of the bedrooms of Americans."
I'm not aware of many abortions being performed in peoples' bedrooms. And anyway, what's the idea? Wasn't the same general logic used to defend wife-beating and child abuse not too long ago?

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