One man's trash...

... is another man's treasure. I'm not a huge garage sale nut, but I do occasionally find some awesome knick-knacks that would make Lilecks green with envy.

The first thing that caught my eye this morning was this rocking pendulum clock. The pendulum is on top and rocks back and forth as the rock-weights torque the drive gear inside. The clock is clearly handmade, with wooden gears and nails for teeth in some places (such as right above the "6" on the clock face). It's beautiful, but I'm not sure how I'm going to hang it since it weighs more than ten pounds.

Here's an excellent 3D puzzle of Neuschwanstein Castle. I went there a couple of years ago while I was backpacking around Europe; it's a couple thousand feet up the side of a mountain, and my brother, friend, and I biked and hiked up and had a wonderful day of it. Now I can recreate the adventure in the comfort of my own home!

The sellers tossed in this silver belt buckle for free! It's got to be worth well over $100, and it looks incredibly awesome.

On the back of the buckle you can see that this is number 2842 out of 10,000 of a limited edition from 1982. The text reads: "This is the first in a yearly series dedicated to the men who locate, develop, and make productive the oil fields throughout America." It's signed by Linda Sue West, who doesn't turn up in Google.



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