Drudge has some quotes from Sunday's Democrat debate in New York City (link probably perishable) and John Edwards repeats a common refrain of many rich leftists.

EDWARDS: Here's the truth. The truth is that I come from the same place most Americans have come from. I grew up in a family where my father worked in the mill, working -- didn't make me any different than most people in this country. I mean, he worked hard, he had a high school education. I was the first person in my family to go to college. ...

What this is about for me, in its simplest terms, is trying to make sure that other Americans get the same chance that I've had.

But that's not really true. John Edwards' family didn't have socialized medicine, didn't depend on welfare, and so forth. What the Democrats are ostensibly proposing isn't to "give people opportunity"; they're proposing to give people for free the rewards that are currently earned by taking advantage of the opportunities that exist naturally.
I don't want to see us, those of us who've had the great luck to have done pretty well in this country, to pull the ladder up behind us. We want to make it available to more people, no matter where they live, who their family is or what the color of their skin is.
I wonder if Mr. Edwards' father would agree that his success was due to "luck"?

No one blatantly wants to "pull the ladder up behind" them, but the types of socialistic structural changes the Democrats are constantly demanding would, in effect, do just that by destroying the system that has produced such great wealth over the past century.



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