Maybe the title says it all! Or maybe the title just says I'm having trouble being concise today.

If you think about the premise you'll see the analogy holds, and that it doesn't speak well of today's youth. Older generations are called "conservative" because they long for a time when issues that are important to them were headed in a direction more to their liking. Same for the younger generation, but what things are important to them? Fashion and music.

It's unfortunate, but most young people are ignorant and uneducated (mostly due to the public school system, which is a failure by their parents). They don't know much about politics or social policy, and they don't much care what changes because they're ready to buy into whatever soundbite spews from the face-hole of their American Idol.

But when it comes to things they know and care about -- however shallow those things may be -- the gradually aging Gen-Xers pine for the recent past of their high school glory days in the early 1990s.



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