It looks like my favored propositions are going to be approved, and the stupid propositions are going to fail.

Californians overwhelmingly embraced a $15 billion deficit bond Tuesday and a companion measure that were key to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's (search) plan for a fiscal recovery that avoids deep cuts or new taxes.

With 15 percent of precincts reporting, the bond measure, Proposition 57 (search), had 61 percent support and the Proposition 58 balanced budget measure had 71 percent.
They aren't perfect -- I would have preferred the deep spending cuts -- but they're better than tax hikes. And it's just possible we might eke out a few years of balanced budgets before the loopholes take over.
Proposition 56, which would have made it easier to pass budgets and raise statewide taxes, lost with just 36 percent support.
I'm incredibly relieved to see that voters weren't dumb enough to fall for this nonsense. As it is, a 2/3 supermajority is needed to pass tax increases, and Prop 56 would have reduced that requirement to 55%... by coincidence, nearly the percentage of Democrats in the legislature. They were slobbering over this one. Good job, California.
Proposition 55, authorizing $12.3 billion to pay for new and improved schools, was trailing with 48 percent support.
It's for the children! Screw 'em. I know my mom won't be happy though. Our school system is a black hole, no matter how much money we pour into it it doesn't get any better. Maybe we should try something radical, like busting up the teachers union.

Here are the live election returns.

Aw crap, now the education bond is narrowly passing with 78.3% of precincts reporting. Toss another billion on the barbie.

Actually, it's very close, and only half of conservative-ish San Diego County and Orange County have been counted. I'll cross my fingers and go to sleep.

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