Isn't it bizarre to see leftists making everything into a matter of "freedom" in a manner precisely opposite to reality?

The California Supreme Court has ruled that Catholic Charities must provide contraception as a part of its employee healthcare package, despite the Catholic church's belief that artificial contraception is a sin (which I certainly don't agree with). Nevertheless, this newly imposed obligation is hailed as a victory for "freedom".

State Atty. Gen. Bill Lockyer called the decision "a huge victory for working women in California."

"It is plainly discriminatory for health and disability insurance plans to not cover contraceptives that were approved by the FDA almost 40 years ago, yet offer coverage for Viagra as soon as that drug was approved by the FDA," Lockyer said.

What does how long ago the FDA approved something have to do with whether or not an employer should be forced to provide it?
Margaret Crosby, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer, called the decision a "shining example of California leadership in reproductive freedom."
Ah, the freedom to force other people to buy things for you -- the foundation of modern liberalism. Too bad it's not, you know, liberty.

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