I went to the Westwood Persian No Ruz (New Year) street festival today with one of my Iranian friends and had some great food and a lot of fun. Click below to see a few pictures I took.

There were people everywhere, and several blocks of Westwood Boulevard were blocked off for the festival. Parking was tough (as it always is) but we got lucky and were able to spend most of our time walking around and watching people rather than looking for a spot.

Here are some pics of the crowd on Westwood Boulevard.

Here's a picture of the inside the Sheherazade Restaurant. The wait was around two hours, but we got seated in 20 minutes due to what I can only assume was graft and corruption.

They've got excellent kebob -- both steak and lamb -- and some fantastic crisp-baked pita bread that's good enough to fill up on by itself. Only complaint: canned soda and no free refills.



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