Some details of Iraq's new interim constitution have been released, and there are a couple troubling details.

The document "strikes a balance between the role of Islam and the bill of individual rights and democratic principles," the official said.
It's nto clear what the "role of Islam" will be, but whatever it is I'm sure it'll be more that would be ideal.

The details of how the northern Kurds would be integrated into the system haven't been addressed yet, apparently, but:

Kurdish leaders had demanded the right to keep their peshmerga militia as a distinct armed force and to control oil and other resources in their region. They also sought to add districts to the autonomous area. ...

Shiites, who dominate southern Iraq, insisted that if the Kurds had the right to self-rule in their northern strongholds, Shiites should enjoy the same privilege in areas of the south where they predominate.

Nothing will guarantee failure better than the existence of multiple, autonomous military forces.



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