Kim du Toit (who has given me excellent gun-buying advice in the past) has a little anecdote about the efficacy of heightened airport security.

Last time I flew I had a couple of knives with me; I remembered to pack my big one in my checked luggage, but my other was on a keychain I forgot about. The guard wanded me and the device beeped like crazy. "Must be my belt buckle," I told him as I pulled up my shirt, figuring it was the truth. He nodded and waved me through.

When I got home and pulled my car keys out I realized I had had another knife with me the whole time. I can't remember if I pulled it out of my pocket and stuck it in the plate before the metal detector or not. I can only hope they watch for bombs and guns a little more closely.

I haven't written much about this before because it honestly makes me feel nauseous. All that tax money, wasted.

(HT: Donald Sensing.)



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