Since I don't currently have the time to be much of a world traveler, I've started perusing the web for non-American-based bloggers who write a lot about life in their homeland but without a lot of politics. It's not that I'm uninterested in the politics, it's just that at the moment I'd rather read about the daily life (and local news) of some foreign place than worry about how it all ties in to world events.

So then, what are some of your favorite foreign blogs? I can only read English (and a bit of Spanish), so that limits my options I'm sure. One enjoyable example I've found is Voluntarily in China, written by an American expatriate who's been living in China for three years now.

- Living on the Planet links to many blogs based on living in various places.
- Blogs Around the World, hosted by Oscar Jr. and pointed out by Jay Solo in the comments, who himself hosts the excellent Carnival of the Capitalists.
- World of Blogs, hosted by the Flying Penguin.

- Hammorabi, a fascinating Iraqi blog (with disturbing images).
- The Marmot's Hole, by "a lost white dude in Korea".



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