In a bizarrely insane twist, Governor Arnold is now enthusiastic about a revamped proposal for giving illegal aliens drivers licenses... hey, isn't that the issue that got Grey Davis ousted in the first place? Maybe Arnold should put the issue to the public as a ballot measure, as he's otherwise so fond of doing.

Ok, let's look at the wacky details.

Mr. Savage said that after at least two "face-to-face meetings," the governor and Mr. Cedillo have agreed that driver's licenses for undocumented workers should look exactly like other licenses.

"Before, there was discussion that the licenses should look different in some way," Mr. Savage said. "We didn't want that, because it would be akin to having a scarlet letter that could alert police [and others] to their status. So the governor had the same feeling and said, 'OK, that's fine.' "

Oh no, a scarlet letter! Next thing you know they'll be a website listing the residences of sex offenders! Sigh. What is there to say, really? It's like living in a hall of mirrors.
"With the jobs and hours these folks work, they really don't have a choice but to drive," Mr. Savage said. "And I think they want to comply with the law where they can."
Except, of course, for the laws that told them they couldn't come here in the first place. Why do I doubt that people whose very presence makes a mockery of our country will be eager to buy auto insurance? Unfortunately car insurance is expensive, so I'm sure public subsidies for insurance for illegal aliens are right around the corner.

So what's the real deal? There couldn't possibly be some nefarious purpose behind it all.

Opponents insist that there's a more insidious reason behind the idea: to flood the voter rolls with illegal aliens, most of whom may vote Democratic. Under the "Motor Voter" law, new drivers automatically receive voter-registration forms in the mail, and a license is all the identification they need to vote in California.
Haha, that's so silly!



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