I told you so, and I was right.

- Tired of your friends and family telling you to get a girlfriend?
- Want to make that certain someone a little jealous?
- Need a confidence boost? Just feeling lonely sometimes?

With an Imaginary Girlfriend, you can carry on a completely fictitious, yet authentic looking relationship with the girl of your choice.

Browse through our site and choose your favorite girl to see what she can offer as your Imaginary Girlfriend.

Just make up how you met and include any details about yourself that you want your new girlfriend to know. Within days you'll receive personalized love letters by mail, e-mails, photos, special gifts... even phone messages or online chat. Every Imaginary Girlfriend is unique.

The girls are real. The relationship is not. When your time is up you can break up with her for whatever reason you decide, and she'll write you a final letter begging you to take her back.

At least these girls have found a profitable outlet for their sexuality that isn't likely to get them pregnant. Think of this phenomenon in light of these cultural changes (inspired by Mr. Esmay). I can't quite wrap my mind around them both yet, but they're surely tied together. More later, once I refine my thoughts.



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