Ok, so the movie was dumb, but I like the idea when applied to blogs. Stupid Evil Bastard passed it on to me, so I feel somewhat obligated to continue the chain.

Let's see... I'll start with one of my favorite commenters, Francis W. Porretto of The Palace of Reason. I expect this miniscule gesture will ease his resentment and soften some of his more stubborn notions.

Next, let's hit Barry over at Inn of the Last Home. I really loved those Krynn books as a kid, and even named an asteroid-cum-space-station out near Pluto after the companions' inn. I don't visit his blog enough though; shame on me.

Finally, how about the ladies over at Candied Ginger. Always intellectually engaging, provocative, and punk rock.

If you pass this on to:
1 - 3 people: All your skin will fall off, but you'll be ok -- albeit horribly disfigured.
4 - 6 people: Your house will be innundated with blue ice.
7 - 9 people: Your cell number will accidentally get listed in the phone book as a Domino's. Or something worse.
10+ people: You're a real humanitarian. Nothing bad will ever happen to you.



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