I like vegetarians -- they're all I eat!

Actually, I went vegetarian for six months or so a few years back with no difficulty. It wasn't particularly hard to stop eating meat, although it did make my diet less interesting. Eventually I returned to omnivorosity because I became disgusted with how annoyingly self-superior some vegetarians are.

The only people more holier-than-thou than vegetarians are people who don't watch TV. I don't watch a lot of TV myself, but isn't it irritating to try talking with someone who is constantly reminding you that they "don't waste time with that stuff" and "don't even own a TV"?

The reason vegetarians and anti-TV-ites are so annoying is because they take pleasure in rubbing our faces in their rejection of the very fabric of our shared society.

What's the number one social activity? Eating. And it's difficult for omnivores to enjoy a meal with a proud vegetarian because their food requirements severely limit everyone else's choices. The presence of a vegetarian (or, *gasp*, a vegan) restricts restaurant selection and even makes it hard to host meals in your home. It's also generally recognized as being incredibly rude to refuse to eat food that's served to you when you're visiting someone's home, and I never appreciated the truth of this until I was a vegetarian myself.

As for TV, like it or not it's the foundation of our modern shared experience. Without a rudimentary working knowledge of what's on TV it's impossible to make small-talk and it's impossible to share allusions and inside jokes. Knowing what TV shows a person likes will give you a lot of insight into their personality and can provide a lot of common ground for conversation. Of course, when someone responds that they don't watch TV I guess that tells you a lot too. I'm not a huge fan of TV, and there are only a handful of shows I enjoy, but you don't have to be a carnivore to be polite company, you only have to be amiable enough to go with the flow.

And finally, if God doesn't want us to eat animals, why are they made out of meat? If he didn't want us to watch TV, why did he give us eyes?



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