I'm a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but I don't think seniors with failing faculties should be carrying concealed weapons.

Dorothy Maddock's eyes aren't what they used to be and she's hard of hearing, but like many seniors she refuses to be a victim and is packing heat for protection.

"The idiots that are out there, they don't care about us, what we have," said retiree Maddock. "They'd just as soon kill us for a buck than look at us."
Well yes, that's true, but I think it's obvious that people should be required to demonstrate that they're competent to use a gun safely before they're allowed to carry. I'm not that worried about people's judgement on when using a gun is appropriate, but I do think it's important that anyone who carries be physically able to use their weapon in a safe and effective manner.
Forty-six states now let citizens carry concealed weapons (search), but is it safe for seniors whose hand and eye coordination isn't what it used to be to own a firearm? Haddock and friends say it's their right and they aren't taking any chances.
Own a firearm? Sure. Carry it out into public? No.

States should set up rigorous training and testing programs, and then license anyone who passes, regardless of age. But, just as with driving a car, it's likely that many elderly people should not be allowed to carry handguns in public.



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