I've written a bit about outsourcing, but I just thought of an angle I hadn't considered before, thanks to an article about world demographics by Lexington Green. There's presently a lot of concern that high-tech jobs will be fleeing the United States for cheaper labor markets, and although there's a general feeling that new jobs will be created to fill the void no one knows exactly what those jobs will be. However, if the demographic trends given by Nicholas Eberstadt and cited by Mr. Green prove true, I don't think the US has anything to worry about -- I'll even go so far as to coin a new phrase to describe my position.

[T]he United States is [projected] to grow from 285 million in 2000 to 358 million in 2025. In absolute terms, this would be by far the greatest increase projected for any industrialized society; in relative terms, this projected 26 percent increment would almost exactly match the proportional growth of the Asia/Eurasia region as a whole. Under these trajectories, the United States would remain the world’s third most populous country in 2025, and by the early 2020s, the U.S. population growth rate — a projected 0.7 percent per year — would in this scenario actually be higher than that of Indonesia, Thailand, or virtually any country in East Asia, China included.
Mr. Green's conclusion echos my own thoughts.
Our destiny appears to be more Americans to work, think, create, innovate, invent, invest, build, trade, buy, sell … and, when necessary, to visit swift and crushing devastation on those who would do us harm. Good. Good. Sounds good. (Getting everybody "assimilated" remains an issue -- but we'll deal with that … .)
In contrary to all the chicken littles who always think the sky is falling, I've decided I'm going to be a chicken biggle. Ok, it sounds stupid, but frankly I don't think the sky is ever going to fall. If it does, I'll take a lot of convincing.



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