Here's an excellent example of why it's important for police to follow legal "technicalities".

An innocent homeless man spent more than eight months in jail because of lies told by three preteen Garden Grove girls and a botched police investigation. ...

Police now admit they were wrong to arrest Nordmark, because they used the same lineup of suspect photos for all three girls. Usually the lineup is changed.

Unbeknownst to police, the kids conspired to identify suspect No. 5: Nordmark.

"Let's be honest. If we were to do this again, would we have left the defendant as No. 5 in the lineups? Definitely not," said Lt. Mike Handfield. "Certainly we can learn something from what happened here .... but it doesn't help when kids get together and make up a story."

Although everyone wants to protect children from predators, it's important to remember that children lie a lot. Anyone who is around kids knows that's a fact. Although it's generally difficult for a child to successfully deceive an attentive adult, it seems to happen more often when the adult is eager to believe the lie.

Relating to the (apparently?) sexual nature of the non-crime, allow me to reiterate that such accusations are serious and that law enforcement needs to remember that the accused is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.



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