I've decided to create a sub-blog called Into the Ether, and the goal is simple: coerce as many excellent bloggers as I can to participate by periodically posting small tidbits of commentary.

Into the Ether is available mainly as an XML feed, and it's incredibly easy for other bloggers to syndicate the feed and mirror it on their own sites. Thus, those who participate will be able to share some of their (short) thoughts with a wider audience and participate in a distributed-concentrated conversation with a select group of their fellow bloggers.

The syndication is simple. I've created a tiny php file that parses the XML feed for my own sidebar, and with a few modifications for formatting it should be easily adaptable to any other site that wants to carry the conversation. Posters are limited to 100 words and no HTML tags (for security reasons, mainly), and a URL is attached to every author so that readers can quickly find their way to a writer's homepage. Of course, further URLs can be embedded as plain text in any post, if desired.

Contributors will be welcome to write on any subject they choose, from just about any perspective. I reserve the right to make up guidelines ex post facto, if necessary. I'll be screening every contributor to ensure the quality of the final product, but I won't be reviewing every post. (Unruly, disruptive, or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated, of course.)

If you have a desire to participate send me an email at plasticATgmailDOTcom. If you don't want to syndicate Into the Ether on your own site you don't have to (but I hope you do!).

Similar, perhaps to Elsewhere on the right side of Tech Central Station.

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