A commenter named Jackie on Howard Dean's blog explains where things went wrong.

This whole "Phases" concept reminds me of an old episode of South Park, where gnomes steal people's underpants. The kids catch them and, naturally, want to know why their underpants are being stolen. The gnomes explain:

Phase I: Steal Underpants
Phase II: ???
Phase III: Profit.

I feel like we're much the same...

Phase I: Create enormous grassroots network with energy, passion and progressive ideals
Phase II: ???
Phase III: real change

Phase I seems like a step in the right direction, but nobody seems to know how the heck to connect the dots to get to phase III, and it's clear that there's something special needed to get from one to the other.

Sounds like the dotcom bubble, as many others have observed. Heck, maybe this connection to South Park isn't new at all, but it made me laugh.



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