An article linked by Drudge has some interesting tidbits about Howard Dean.

The Democratic race once had 10 candidates, but the field is now down to five, including Dean, Dennis Kucinich and Al Sharpton, who haven't won a single contest.
Mr. Dean must love being lumped in with those two wackos.
Senior advisers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Dean, with no hope of winning the presidency, was considering scaling back his campaign sharply - but not formally withdrawing. He was just as likely to cede the nomination and, with hopes of becoming a kingmaker, endorse a rival.

His campaign reached out to Edwards' team, believing Dean's fund-raising prowess could help reshape the race, aides said. But they did not rule out Dean endorsing Kerry, a move they said would seal the nomination for the Massachusetts lawmaker.

I.e., Mr. Dean's decision on who to endorse will be based entirely upon which endorsement will benefit Howard Dean the most, not on which candidate is the best choice for president. Then again, that falls in line with what my impression of Mr. Dean has been from the beginning of the political season.



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