Every news site has quoted reactions to Saddam's capture from people around the world. Some of them don't seem to be too pleased:

But in Tikrit, police broke up a pro-Saddam protest by hundreds of university students who chanted: "With our blood and with our souls, we will defend you, Saddam."
I hope they get on with shedding their blood and souls as soon as possible.

Much like Saddam himself, I bet it's all talk and no walk. Some reports indicate that the Islamofascists are starting to realize they look like impotent fools, and that realization is critical to winning the overall War on Terror.

It's simply impractical to physically fight every single Islamofascist on the planet. As some Europeans have suggested, what we need to do is look at the "root cause" of "why they hate us" and try to solve the problem indirectly. Our opponents would have us address these root causes by changing our own behavior and adjusting ourselves to the desires of our enemies (i.e., they want us to surrender). That's clearly a losing strategy, since I don't think most freedom-loving Westerners want to live under Islamofascist regimes ruled by murderous thugs.

The other way to address the so-called root causes of terrorism is to force the Islamofascists to change their view of the world. We ask, "Why do they hate us?" and then, "How can we change their minds?". We answer: not by changing ourselves and submitting to their maniacal demands, but by completely demolishing and restructuring their worldview.

Part of that demolishion project is tearing down the fantasies they've built to protect their egos from the crushing weight of cultural failure. Islamofacists like to see themselves as brave, devout holy-warriors fighting at the command of god against the godless infidels. They believe that if they practice a pure form of worship, god will give them ultimate victory.

If they're religion is right, then god will surely do so. As an American, however, I'm skeptical that the Islamofascist vision for the future is really divinely-ordained. In order to take apart the fantasy they've built, we need to attack it from every angle and demonstrate that it cannot be true.

The battle for Iraq serves many of these purposes. First, the Iraqi army was easily defeated, despite the strong rhetoric coming from its high command. Most of the units didn't even fight, knowing that resistance would be futile. Second, the great Saddam Hussein himself was captured while hiding in a dirt pit; he had two AK-47s and a pistol but didn't fire any of them, preferring to be taken peacefully into custody than to go out fighting.

Saddam wasn't victorious, and in the end he wasn't even brave. Some will claim that he wasn't really Muslim, but judging from the reaction of the Muslim world to his capture his devestating defeat is having the effect we desire. All that's left is to hand him over, humiliated, to the people he once oppressed, and for them to judge him and execute him like the now-powerless scum he is.

The New York Times has some quotes from some Iraqi leaders who spoke with Saddam:

"The most important fact: Had the roles been reversed, he would have torn us apart and cut us into small pieces after torture," Mr. Chalabi said. "This contrast was paramount in my mind, how we treated him and how he would have treated us."

Mr. Rubaie said: "One thing which is very important is that this man had with him underground when they arrested him two AK-47's and did not shoot one bullet. I told him, `You keep on saying that you are a brave man and a proud Arab.' I said, `When they arrested you why didn't you shoot one bullet? You are a coward.' "

"And he started to use very colorful language," he said. "Basically he used all his French."

"I was so angry because this guy has caused so much damage," Mr. Rubaie added. "He has ruined the whole country. He has ruined 25 million people."

"And I have to confess that the last word was for me," he continued. "I was the last to leave the room and I said, `May God curse you. Tell me, when are you going to be accountable to God and the day of judgment? What are you going to tell him about Halabja and the mass graves, the Iran-Iraq war, thousands and thousands executed? What are you going to tell God?' He was exercising his French language."

French? How apropos.



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