Do you notice anything strange about Haward Dean's comments on Hardball last night?

JOSEPH NYE, DEAN, KENNEDY SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT: Governor, let me take you back to foreign policy. ...

NYE: In Iran?

DEAN: Iran is a more complex problem because the problem support as clearly verifiable as it is in North Korea. Also, we have less-fewer levers much the key, I believe, to Iran is pressure through the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is supplying much of the equipment that Iran, I believe, most likely is using to set itself along the path of developing nuclear weapons. We need to use that leverage with the Soviet Union and it may require us to buying the equipment the Soviet Union was ultimately going to sell to Iran to prevent Iran from them developing nuclear weapons. That is also a country that must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons much the key to all this is foresight. Let’s act now so we don’t have to have a confrontation which may result in force, which would be very disastrous in the case of North Korea and might be disastrous in the case of Iran.

Perhaps Dr. Dean can inform me as to the location of this Soviet Union he refers to. I seem to remember an empire by that name, but it was defeated last century.

If President Bush had made this error, you would have read it on the front page of the NY Times.

Plus, his proposed Iran policy is moronic. America is supposed to cough up money to buy all the nuclear materials the world can produce to potentially sell to Iran? Please. Such a policy would create a whole new market for nuclear materials, and give poor nations an even greater incentive to develop the technology.

(HT: Rush on the radio.)



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