I just wrote a super-long and excellent post on James Taranto's "Roe effect", and then @#$%(&#@!(& Internet Explorer crashed before I could post it. It's been doing that recently, and I don't know why.

I took some statistics from Barna Research and prochoice.org and determined that:

- The "average American woman" has slightly more than 0.5 abortions.
- Christian women have an average of between 0.105 and 0.220 abortions each.
- Non-Christian woman have an average of between 0.695 and 2.735 abortions each.

The data's there, but I'm not going to type it all up again. The largest source of error comes from deciding who is a "Christian", and Barna gives two results -- 85% of people classify themselves as Christians, but only 41% of people actually hold Christian beliefs. Prochoice.org says that 18% of women who get abortions call themselves Christians.

My conclusion: Mr. Taranto's Roe effect definitely has some statistical basis, and it's very likely that the large percentage of anti-abortion youngsters is due in part to the fact that people who are against abortion have more children than people who are in favor of abortion. I only wish I'd thought of the idea myself.



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