I've got two main recurring dreams that pop up every several months or so. I've had them as long as I can remember.

Chased by robots: Pretty standard -- I'm being chased by robots, sometimes down alleys. Generally the robots look like guys in trenchcoats with all black for faces (like the Nazgul in the LoTR movies). They've got glowing red eyes and lasers. Sometimes the robots aren't actively chasing me, but rather following my every move at a distance, just out of sight. I don't think they want to harm me, they just want to ask some questions and somehow hurt a lot of other people with m answers. Sometimes I think the chief robot is a demon, and when I think about that in my dream it really scares me.

Slopeworld: This one's a bit stranger. In the dream, the whole world is an incredibly steep slope, almost a vertical cliff. There's no top and no bottom, it just stretches in every direction to infinity. Buildings stick out of the slope and have floors that are perpendicular to gravity. Everyone gets around by riding on these giant birds (like the ostriches in Joust), but if you want to go downhill all you really have to do is jump. This dream generally has a lot of flying in it, because I tend to fall off the slope of the world and tumble down.



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