Maybe I'm overly bloodthirsty, but I think just about everyone we can find from Saddam's family should be rounded up and handed over to the Iraqis. Even though I can imagine a thousand ways in which, for instance, Saddam's daughters may have been victims of his brutality, it's pretty hard for me to fathom that they weren't also accomplices in his evil. His sons certainly were.

Saddam Hussein's oldest daughter told Al-Arabiya television network Tuesday the family of the former dictator will hire the best attorneys it can find to fight for her father.

In a phone interview, Raghad Hussein, 35, told the Arabic-language channel that the family believes Saddam was drugged after he surrendered to American troops.

"This is not our father," she said. "This is not how he would act."

Raghad said the family hopes that there will be a government in Iraq that is fair and not under the domination of the United States.

I hope there's a fair government in Iraq, too, and I can't wait till they get their hands on you.

(HT: Bill Hobbs.)



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