GeekWithA.45 rants against complacent gun owners who "don't vote like they own guns". He has a lot to say about gun politics in New Jersey, but his most significant statement is something that I've thought myself on several occasions:

The problem is that "gun crime" is on the verge of undergoing a sea change from predators using guns to take what they want, be it life, limb or property, to "gun crime" being defined as any of a myriad of minor violations of rules that have no real bearing on anything beyond themselves. In some corners of the USA, the level of discipline and awareness required to lawfully retain your arms and stay out of jail far, far exceeds what is natural and just.
I don't consider myself a "gun nut", but I do believe that the right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to liberty; my recent experiences with Hawthorne Police Chief Stephen Port have raised my level of awareness on the issue.

Heed my words: over-legislation will be the downfall of democratic government. When there are too many ineffective laws people (rightly) begin to lose respect for their government. God's purpose for governments is simple: punish those who do evil, and encourage those who do good.

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