Symbolic Victory

It's easy to set up strawmen and knock them down, isn't it? The difference between these dead-enders with their statue of President Bush and our soldiers and the statue of Saddam Hussein is that we drove right into Saddam's front yard shoved his nose in the dirt.

The left has staged a symbolic victory, huzzah! I hope they enjoyed it, because it's the only kind they're likely to have. The protesters here merely exercised the freedom of speech they'd never enjoy were they ever to achieve real victory.

What's my reaction supposed to be? Outrage? How dare you build a statue of my President and then knock it over! Or enlightenment? Since you've built a similar statue, I now understand that Bush and Saddam are both evil! Or fear? Oh no, the lefties are going take over the world with their nuanced symbolism! Or amusement? Yeah, that must be it.

These people need to get real jobs. (Image via The Thinklings.)



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